Current/Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Teachers College Community School (TCCS) Workshops

During the 2018-2019 school year, we held the following workshops at Teachers College Community School located in Harlem:

Coding with Minecraft

Members of WIT Community Outreach facilitated bi-weekly STEM lunch club workshops. Students learned programming concepts through creative coding exercises using the game Minecraft. This was a great opportunity for students to learn basic coding skills and allowed students to progress at their own pace. 

Digital Music Class

Working with 5th grade classes to teach composing with GarageBand. Each student has a midi keyboard and a laptop. In the first semester, students work individually to learn the basics of Garageband, how to layer instruments, and how to create the elements of a song. In the second semester, students work in groups to compose a final project song.

Community Outreach is looking forward to volunteering at TCCS in the 2019-2020 school year! 


Connecting Youth Initiative (CYI)

The Connecting Youth Initiative (CYI) is a community and school-based service developed in Columbia University’s Office of Government and Community Affairs. CYI serves youth and young adults, ages 16-24 in Northern Manhattan and portions of the Bronx, who are neither in school nor working.

2019-2020 opportunities with CYI

  • Workshops and volunteer liaison with youth (Careers in IT)

  • LinkedIn Learning pathways (coming soon)