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Interview & Hiring Tips and Resources for Managers & Job Candidates

For Managers: Hiring great people and recognizing unconscious bias

For managers interviewing job candidates, we are becoming more and more aware of unconscious biases that can affect decisions on hiring women for technology positions.

Here are some interview ideas and articles about the gender gap in hiring women in technology. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but we hope to stimulate the conversation and understanding around this topic and that help managers recognize and bust through unconscious biases, while making sure we hire (and retain!) the best person for the job.

Opinion piece: Job Interviews Without Gender, New York Times, January 2018

Interview Questions: 5 interview questions that will help you hire better people, Ideas.Ted.Com, August 2017

Tips for both interviewers and interviewees: Gender in the Job Interview, The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2017

Check out all the White Papers available at, specifically the “Solutions to Recruit Technical Women”; Full of great ideas for organizations and managers. For Managers, here are a few highlights to check out before starting the search for your next great team member.

  • Page 14: Job Description “Do’s and Don’ts”
  • Page 21: Interview “Do’s and Don’ts”
For Interviewees: How to get hired! Interview tips for job candidates

In a search for “women in tech ‘job interview’” on May 15, 2018, Google returned articles focusing on “what to wear” in five of the Top 10 search results. Here are a few articles that do more than scratch the surface.