Maureen Coughlin's Path Traveled

Maureen Coughlin


Deputy CIO, Director IT Security and Operations

Subject area(s) of study:

  • Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Leadership and Strategic Planning
  • IT Risk Management

What prompted you to chose your career path, and when did the door first open?

In school, I took a class on Fiber Optics, which lead to a career in telecommunications. With the changing landscape of telecommunications, I branched out into a broader technology interest. Everything I did in my career expanded my knowledge and allowed me to take on new and greater responsibilities.

Maureen's Tips:

  • Get in on the ground level, perhaps in the Service Desk, and learn as much about technology as you can.
  • Work with many mentors and peers, take training classes, and ask to shadow people that are doing something you find interesting.
  • Volunteer to work on a project with other team members even if you are not an expert in the field.
  • Join outside organizations that focus on what you are interested in and attend their local chapter meetings.
  • Find recognized certifications and take a course to acquire the certification. I find I learn best when I am working toward a goal/test.

What are a few networking events, channels you'd recommend?

Maureen's Picks: more resources & materials to help get you to the next step...

What certificates or degrees do you recommend?